If you’re looking to book a tattoo, please follow the booking form below. 

    Please read through the information that follows here before contacting me.
    If you still have questions after reading through this, please include them in your booking request.

    On my Instagram highlights you can find designs that are ready to be tattooed, all designs that are featured are available, so once the design is booked, it will be taken off my highlights.

    I also make custom designs, so if you’re looking to get something specific, let me know and we can communicate until we find something that suits you.

    Please note that I do not tattoo designs that have already been tattooed, I also don’t copy other tattoo artists designs.
    If you want to get a design that I’ve already made, I can create a new design that includes similar attributes to the first one, but it will look a bit different.

    Upon booking an appointment you will be requested to pay a deposit of 500 sek. The payment can be made via swish or bank transfer.

    The deposit is included in the total sum of your tattoo which means that you’re paying a part of your tattoo in advance. The remaining sum will be required once the tattoo is completed. My hourly rate for tattooing is 1000 sek.

    Deposits are non refundable but will guarantee you an appointment.
    If either parties get sick the appointment will be rescheduled and a second deposit won’t be required. Please let me know as soon as you can if you’re unable make our meeting, and I will do the same.

    The deposit exists to ensure that I will get payed for the time that it takes to prepare all things leading up to your finished tattoo. Drawing a custom design takes time, and I most often spend hours or days doing this.
    Even if you’ve booked a finished flash design it still requires certain preparation and this is why deposits won’t be refunded.

    When contacting me for a tattoo please include following information:

    Your name, age and pronouns

    What you’d like to get tattooed, the placement, size(in cm) and any other details that need to be considered in the designing process

    References or photos

    Your availability, ie specific times and dates when you’re free

    Any other information that is good for me to know such as health status, disabilities, if it’s your first tattoo or anything else that may effect the process or the outcome of the tattoo

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